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HangMaster® 5-in-1 Pants Hanger Organizer

HangMaster® 5-in-1 Pants Hanger Organizer

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World's Lightest Multi-Pant Hanger Organizer

Tired of digging through your closet looking for those pants? Introducing the 'HangMaster'- the ultimate pants hanger that holds multiple pants in one place, and that too in 70% less space than normal hangers take.

Traditional hangers waste a lot of space by not using the available vertical space within your closet to its full capacity. Hangmaster has a collapsible design that uses the vertical space in your closet more effectively.

Just a quick glance and you'll know exactly where your favorite pair is. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a sleek and organized closet.


Running Out Of Closet Space? No Problemo! 

You always feel like you need a bigger closet? Make your closet look roomier instantly! With its sleek design and durable construction, HangMaster easily clips onto any standard closet rod, providing a space-saving way to keep your pants wrinkle-free and easily accessible.


Its unique design is designed to accommodate all types of pants, from slim-fit to wide-legged, giving you more room for all your other clothes and accessories.


We went viral last holiday season

Last holiday season the HangMaster got viral generating more than 500 posts in a few days. How's that? And now we are back again, stronger. The images below belong to the original author and not us.


 Anti-Fall Design

No more pants and trousers falling off and creasing because it has anti-skid end covers. It can take on five regular pants at a time easily if handled properly and not overloaded. Plus, it's versatile and can be used to hold scarfs, ties or even your belts! 

Revolutionizing the way you organize your wardrobe

Don't settle for boring old hangers when you can upgrade to the ultimate one.




Does it only hang pants?

Not really. You can hang scarves, slacks, pyjamas and even towels, tops and dresses if you are okay with folding them. However, because it is very lightweight, it is not suitable for heavier clothes and works better for light pants, scarves etc.

Will my pants fall off?

No. They shouldn't if you push the rod to the back position after hanging the pant on it. Also, the rack has anti-skid end covers to prevent them from falling off. 


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