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The Original MunchyMitts™️ Teething Mittens

The Original MunchyMitts™️ Teething Mittens

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Say Goodbye to Teething Pains!🦷

Keep your little one's gums healthy and their hands protected with MunchyMitts Teething Mittens - the perfect combination of comfort and play.


✨These bad boys went viral last holiday season

Last holiday season these teething mittens got viral generating numerous posts and thousands of comments in a few days. How's that? And now we are back again, stronger!


👶🏻Completely Baby-Proof 

MunchyMitts™ are the ultimate baby-proof teething solution. Made with 100% BPA and Phthalate-free materials, you can trust that our mittens are completely safe for your little one.

Additionally, with an adjustable strap, your baby won't be able to lose or drop them on the floor, and can continue using them as they grow! And when it's time for a clean, MunchyMitts™ are easily washable and fully reusable.

Cleaner Than Traditional Teethers

If a teether hits the ground outside all sorts of nasty bacteria and potentially viruses could be on it. Giving it to them could risk them getting a cold, or worse.

With The MunchyMitts™ rest at ease knowing this special little glove isn’t going anywhere, except from the baby's mouth.

Help Relieve Teething Pains

The MunchyMitt™ will assist in keeping the baby happy. No one likes teething, even as adults I’m sure we can all admit when we have a wisdom tooth coming through it’s a very unpleasant feeling, imagine having all the teeth coming through at once.

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✨Get Your Kid The Greatest Teether Ever!

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