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The Original Snoozy™️ Travel Pillow

The Original Snoozy™️ Travel Pillow

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"This is what my husband said after using it on an 8 hour flight: "That’s literally the best sleep I’ve ever gotten on an airplane and you’re an angel I don’t deserve "" -Liz

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Designed to make travel and flights bearable, Snoozy is made out of buttery soft material, is easily inflated in under 15 seconds and completely deflates in just 3 seconds.

The BEST Travel Pillow You Will Buy- Guaranteed!
Its unique design provides a relaxing and restful, deep sleep while allowing you to travel comfortably in a natural forward position.

Designed for Naps in Any Position Possible💤:
Including with your face pointed straight down, with your head tilted to the side, or even with your chin resting on the top. You can even use it to lean against the window, rest it on your lap, or even rest it on the pull out table in front of you.

This pillow is perfect for use while traveling by airplane, car, or even at the office.
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