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Teddie - The Original Breathing Bear

Teddie - The Original Breathing Bear

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✪ Life-like Breathing Motion
✪ Realistic Sleeping Sounds
✪ Calming Night Light In Belly

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🧸 The Coolest Sleep Buddy Ever! 

Teddie isn't just a teddy; it's a lifelike, breathing nap buddy for your little one. With a realistic breathing motion, cozy warmth, snoring sounds along with a gentle lullaby music, let's be honest- it could potentially replace you as their nap partner.

🐶Want Playmate For Your Furball?

Whether you're a little one seeking a cuddle buddy or a pet longing for a snuggly playmate, this toy is the perfect choice for sharing warmth, love, and endless moments of cozy comfort.

👶🏻Your Little One's First Best Friend

Crafted with love and designed for bedtime cuddles, this adorable companion is there for every giggle, nap, and adventure. With its gentle breathing action, Breathing Teddy becomes a source of comfort and warmth.

🔥These cuties went viral last holiday season! 🌟🎄

This breathing teddy bear took social media by storm, creating thousands upon thousands of comments and posts within a few days.

👩‍👧Suitable For All Ages

This huggable teddy is perfect for children who seek a comforting friend for bedtime. It's equally suitable for teenagers looking for a snuggly partner to unwind with, and for adults in search of a calming presence to alleviate stress and promote relaxation. This adorable otter bridges generational gaps, bringing comfort and security to every member of the family and becoming an integral part of your daily routines.

💡Cozy Night-Light In The Belly

Not only does it make realistic breathing and snoring sounds, it also comes with a tiny light in its belly, which makes a super cute night light for secure and safer sleep time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the breathing otter help me too?
Absolutely! Teddie is not only designed to promote peaceful sleep for children but also serves as an excellent sleep companion for adults. Additionally, many of our customers have found it to be a positive addition for their furry friends as well.

Q. Does it need batteries?
A. Yes. Teddie works on any three AA batteries. You can get it from any local store.

Q. Who is it suitable for?
A. It's unisex and suitable for infants to adult babies alike.

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