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ClawSafe Furniture Scratcher Mat

ClawSafe Furniture Scratcher Mat

 ★★★★★ 4.8/5 (236 trusted reviews)

❝ My cat Loooooooooves this! I have been hearing her use it in the middle of the night, which makes me wonder what she did without it while I was sleeping. Very good purchase!❞ -Melinda, CA

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🛋Save Your Furniture From Scratch-Attack!

Hello, fellow servant to the feline overlords! 😼 Tired of your feline friend turning your sofa into a scratching post? Meet the ClawSafe Cat Scratch Mat that sticks right onto your furniture like a superhero cape, ready to take on those claws with style.

🤷Turn Your Furniture Into The Ultimate Scratching Station

We're not trying to stifle your cat's natural instincts here! It's like giving them their very own VIP scratching lounge, where they can unleash their inner tiger without wreaking havoc on your furniture.

🤔Did You Know?

Even If You Have Regular Scratchers, Cats Still Prefer Couches As Scratching Spots!

That's why we made scratching mats designed for couches and furniture. Cats can be very particular about where they want to scratch. Even if you have a lot of scratchers in your home, usually the furniture that is the most enticing is the couch.

Cat Scratch Furniture Protector | Couch Protector 18x12" (45x30cm) –  Trespire


🔥ClawSafe Mat Has Went Viral Everywhere!

This viral sofa saver mat has went viral on Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram with thousands upon thousands of likes, comments and shares.

✅ Installs In Under 1 Minute

Installing the ClawSafe Mat is easier than decoding your cat's mood swings. Stick it or pin it on the wall or sofa, and voilà – a fortress against fur-induced furniture chaos. No tools, no drama – just pure cat-approved genius. 🏰🧡

💪🍃Sturdy & Organic Material

Crafted from the finest sisal, ClawSafe Mat is as tough as it gets, ensuring that this mat can withstand even the most enthusiastic scratching sessions. Plus, it's all-natural and completely safe for your furry friend, giving you peace of mind while they indulge their instincts.

🧠Provides Mental & Physical Stimulation

With its textured surface, it engages their natural instinct to scratch, keeping their claws healthy and their minds sharp. So, while your furniture stays scratch-free, your cat gets the mental and physical workout they need to stay happy and healthy. It's a win-win for everyone!


🐈‍⬛Their Own VIP Scratching Lounge

See those satisfied purrs? Our Cat Scratch Mat guarantees cat happiness or your money back. It's not just about saving your sofa; it's about turning it into a sanctuary for your cat's scratching shenanigans. Happy cat, relieved you – it's the purr-fect harmony! 🎶🛋️

✨Makes A Great Cat Mat As Well

😿Don't Punish Them For Just Being 'Cats'

They are after all just- Cats! And that's what they do. Positive scratching outlets are important to a cat’s health and well-being. Blocking their natural behavior can lead to aggressive and unpredictable behavior as well.

Anti Scratch Furniture Protector – Pelsbarn ♡

👑Treat Them Like Who They Are- Feline Royalty!

Your cat deserves nothing but the best. This mat is like rolling out the red carpet, but way more scratchable. Spoil your cat with the luxury they secretly demand!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be easily mounted on both walls and sofas?

Absolutely, the ClawSafe Scratch Mat is designed for easy installation on both surfaces. The paste or pin-fixed design ensures the mat stays in place.

Will it sustain regular scracthing sessions?

Yes! Crafted with 100% natural, tough sisal, the mat stands up to robust scratching sessions, ensuring longevity.

How can I clean it?

Cleaning is a breeze – simply wipe it down with a damp cloth for low-maintenance upkeep.

Over 50,000 Sold!

  • My adopted cat was scratching on my living room furniture rather than her scratching posts😡. She has no interest in her posts, so I thought I would try this mat. I placed it on the floor near her favourite place to scratch on the couch and she started using it within 30 minutes and hasn’t used my furniture since.

    - Mylie, TX

  • My fur children love to pick and scratch all soft furnishing and they even destroyed an anti fatique mat I had. I stuck this on a new anti fatigue mat - holding strong and they love it!

    - Pink, CA

  • This was purchased to replace the cardboard scratch pads which my cat destroys and leaves all over the carpet. This product attaches to the couch easily, stays in place with vigorous cat scratching and is big enough for my 13 pound cat to stretch out.

    - Nancy, PA

✨Save Your Furniture & Sanity!

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