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Creepy Dog Pillow

Creepy Dog Pillow

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🐶Like Dogs But Not Dog Hair?

We hear ya! The perfect solution for all you dog lovers who want all the cuddles without the mess. This adorable pillow captures the essence of a sad, lovable pup without the need for walks, or endless belly rubs.

😞So Sad, It's Funny!🤣

Sad like he's lost a game of fetch. Sadder than a rainy day without ice cream. Say hello to the funniest, saddest cuddle buddy ever!

🐕So Realistic You Might As Well Replace Your Real Dog

You will constantly have to remind yourself IT IS NOT A DOG! No matter where you are this guy is looking at you lol BUY IT! It's a happy pillow   

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🔥CreepyDog Pillow Went Viral

 "Straight Out Of Uncanny Valley"- Zora, US

You’ll receive stares and constant questions until people realize the example of man’s best friend that you’re carrying around is actually stuffed.

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