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CuddleCave Hooded Calming Pet Bed

CuddleCave Hooded Calming Pet Bed

 ★★★★★ 4.8/5 (236 trusted reviews)

❝ As soon as I placed this on the floor, she went right into it! She knew it was hers❤️. It's her safe space. ❞ -Cathy, US

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🌟 It's a Bed + Blanket
🐶 Simulates Mother's Embrace
💨 Extra-Plush- For Extra Comfort

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🐶🐱The Safest Your FurBaby Will Ever Feel!

What if we tell you that our bed is so relaxing that your baby will choose our bed over your couch or any other pet bed in the market any day of the week?

That's right, we've officially attained the peak pet pampering levels🙌 Say goodbye to squabbles over seating space and hello to the lap of luxury for your furball.

The Calming beds are all the rage but are they really 'calming', or just plush?

😴 Understanding Anxiety In Pets

When animals feel anxious or stressed, they generally crave three things- warmth, support, and comfort- just like their mom's embrace. That’s why our bed has raised walls for the support, soft hoodie for a warm motherly-embrace and extra-soft lining for burrowing deep inside their furry heaven cave for ultimate comfort.

small mniature poodle inside a round pet cave bed

🤩It's A Cave & A Bed

It's also a regular dog bed, so it's a win-win. The 'Hooded' Design simulates the sensation of snuggling with their mother. Whether they're a cat seeking solitude or a dog who loves to burrow, our furry bed caters to their every need. And with the hoodie flat down, it becomes an ultra-plushy pet bed to relax on.

🔥These Bad Boys Went Viral Last Holiday Season

Last holiday season this mini pet cave went viral! Generating more than 1,000 posts on social media in a few days. And they are back again, stronger! 

🐕‍🦺 Designed By Pet Therapists 

Our calming pet bed is specially designed to ease anxiety with its ultra-soft, plush material, and side and back support. The raised edges and the furry hoodie gently cradle their body calming their sensory behaviors and providing comfort when needed. 

🐾 Suitable For All Cats & Small to Mid Size Dogs

CuddleCave is the right size for several tiny kittens, a full grown cats or small to mid size dog. Please measure your pet's weight and choose the size as per the chart below. The breeds shown are for rough estimation only. 

🐶🐱Cloud-Like Comfort

Extra-plush, highest quality faux fur mimics their mothers fur and builds a sense of safety and comfort. Breathable and soft full pearl cotton inside, ensures your pet stays comfortable with good air circulation. The plushness of the fabric promotes restful sleep for your furball.

🐶 Your Pup Deserves The Best

Our sofa prioritizes comfort and security with ultra-comfortable fur-like material that soothes your dog's nerves, promoting faster relaxation. The oversized raised rim and long faux fur mimic a mother's embrace, providing warmth and security. Additionally, our sofa boasts extra filling, a removable, machine-washable cover, and a waterproof bottom, setting us apart as a premium product your dog will love.

In the world of boring dog and cat beds, get this Innovative, mini cave for your mini munchkins 😉❤️! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I clean it?
A: CuddleCave can be washed with hands or in a washer. We recommend hand washing for better results.

Q: What size should I buy?
A: Please measure your pet's weight and choose the size as per the chart below. The breeds shown are for general reference only.


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