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DoodlMat® Magical Water Canvas

DoodlMat® Magical Water Canvas

 ★★★★★ 4.8/5 (236 trusted reviews)

❝ These mats are a must have for all mommas. My 3yo has no idea he's not using a marker and my 7yo thinks water magic is so fun. It's a win win😍 ❞ -Anne, PA

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✪ Reusable & Washable
✪ Disappearing Patterns
✪ Mess-Free Creativity

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🎨Got A Little Picasso At Home?

Finally, let them paint all they want.

Do you dream of peace, quiet, and a spotless home while your little rascals explore their creative side? Enter DoodlMat - it's like Picasso met Houdini!!

👨‍🎨 Let The Creative Juices Flow, Mess-Free!

DoodlMat fosters a risk-free environment, where mistakes are just part of the fun, nurturing confidence in trying new ideas. With each stroke, it cultivates fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, fostering a colorful world of imagination.



🖊 No Replacing Markers Anymore! 

No more art supply runs or scrubbing marathons. No need to worry about replacing markers. Just water, and you're off to a stain-free creative adventure, time and time again. 


🧽 No Cleanup Required

You don't to do the clean up of any sort with the DoodlMat. The drawings magically disappear after 3-10 minutes (depending on the temperature and airflow) and the mat is as good as new again. No messy colors or stains.


🏴‍☠️ Reveal The Hidden Treasures 

Imagine the joy on your kids' faces as they uncover vibrant patterns the moment water meets the mat. It’s like discovering hidden treasure.


✨ Free Doodle Kit

Currently, we are offering a doodling kit with every DoodlMat completely free. The kit includes 3 water pens, stencils, round stamps, stamp pad and a rolling stamp, helping them to learn letters, shapes, colours and more, and to improve fine motor skills and language skills


👧 Kid Safe & Waterproof 

The water doodle mat is made of waterproof nylon material, soft and durable, ink free and safe for children to play with. It feels comfortable in the hand and has a glossy surfaces so it won't scratch your child when drawing



Q: Does the water go through to the floor?
A: No It doesn't. Mat is waterpoof and does not leak water.

Q: Is it only to be used on the floor?
A: Absolutely not. Place it wherever you like it and will work equally well.

Q: Can I use crayons or other markers on it?
A: No. Doodl mat is water only. Don't use anything except water.

Q: How do I clean it?
A: The water dries on it own in a couple of minutes and there nothing else to clean, really. If there is, just wipe it off with a wet wipe :)

Kids Simply Love It❤️


So, you want to keep your walls safe, your sanity intact, and your kids smiling? Jump on the DoodlMat bandwagon. Be the champion of clean and the sultan of fun!


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