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The Original Mclows™️ Fishing Rod Holder Set

The Original Mclows™️ Fishing Rod Holder Set

 ★★★★★ 4.8/5 (236 trusted reviews)

❝ It's your third hand while fishing. Holds your fishing rod very securely while unhooking your fish, wading in the water. Both my spinning and baitcasters fit well. Exactly as advertised!❞ -Darrell Nash, PA

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😩🐟🎣 Sick Of Juggling Rods While Fishing?

Say hello to stress-free angling. No more tangled lines, no more misplaced gear. Secure your rod effortlessly, enjoy hands-free fishing, and let our Rod Holder be your ultimate fishing buddy.


🔫🎣Your Open Carry Rod Holder!

Imagine effortlessly securing your rod, giving you the freedom to enjoy hands-free fishing fun. No more fumbling or hassle – just pure joy on the water. This nifty accessory isn't just an upgrade; it's a total game-changer for stress-free angling.


🙌🎣Works With Both Baitcasters & Spinning Reels

Rod Holder works with most rods in the market. It's meticulous design works casting, spinning as well as ice fishing rods. 



 👌😍Doubles As Your Tackle Organizer!

No more rummaging through bags for your gear. This multi-functional wonder keeps your tackle in check, ensuring easy access while you enjoy fishing. With our rod holder, it's all about efficiency and organization.


🔥Last season, we went viral on Tik Tok and Facebook!

This little wonder took social media by storm, winning the hearts of thousands in just days. The buzz? Hands-free fishing bliss that got everyone talking, commenting, and posting.

🧍‍♂️🧍‍♀️One Size Fits All

The fishing belt length of the belt can be adjusted, the largest size can reach 55 inches, the smallest can be adjusted to 26 inches, suitable for heavy, skinny people, men and women, old people as well as children. 

📈 Boost Your Fishing Efficiency

The Gandalf of fishing gear! Wave goodbye to the awkward moves and embrace hands-free fishing wizardry.

✨🪶Lightweight & High-Quality

The fishing rod belt is made of strong ABS and tightly woven nylon material, which is corrosion resistant, durable and strong for years of use, while the Wade fishing rod holder is also light and portable.

🎣 The Ultimate Wingman For Every Angler

Ever had your rod play twister while you're just trying to fish? Not anymore! This belt is like having an extra set of hands, minus the awkward third-wheel feeling. It's the ultimate wingman for your rod – keeping it in check, letting you focus on the real action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Rod Holder make fishing more convenient?
A: The Rod Holder provides hands-free fishing by securely holding your fishing rod. It also doubles as a Tackle Organizer, ensuring easy access to your gear without rummaging through bags.

Q: Is the Rod Holder suitable for all types of fishing rods?
A: Yes, the Rod Holder is designed to accommodate various fishing rod sizes and types, such as baitcasters, spin casters, spinning reels, fly fishing and ice fishing rods, providing a secure fit for a wide range of rods. Just make sure that the grip of the rod is less than 1.37 inches.

Q: Can the Rod Holder accommodate heavy or large fishing rods?
A: Yes, the Rod Holder is designed to securely hold a variety of fishing rod sizes and weights, providing stability and support for your gear.


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94% 5-Star Reviews

  • Simple and convenient for the beach or bank fishermen. When I surf cast, depending on the tide, my reel will always get covered in sand and force me to rinse it to preserve it. This is a handy tool to have so that I can avoid the usual rod drop.

    - Jake, CA

  • This has become a must for every fishing trip. I love having my glove, belt knife, and pliers handy. Being able to put my fishing pole in the holder, frees up both my hands, making tying lure or unhooking fish a breeze.

    - Ryan Snell, US

  • I was a little skeptical at first more novelty in my mind but once I used it it’s actually extremely helpful. Not counting my rod, reel, and tackle box, this has become the most important piece of gear I bring fishing. If I lost it, I would get another one immediately.

    - Dave Russel, US

🎣🍺Say Goodbye To Tangled Lines & Spilled Beer!

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