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SmokeStack Cocktail Smoker Kit

SmokeStack Cocktail Smoker Kit

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 🥃 Turn Your Lame Drink Into A Smokin' Hot Cocktail!

 Smoke It Like A Pro Bartender🍸!


 🥃 Treat the whiskey lovers in your life!

Delight your guests with your new-found mixology skills from the comfort of your own home with the SmokeStack Kit. Smoke any cocktail of your choice or simply enhance the natural flavors of your favorite bourbon or whiskey drink.

🔥This Smoker Has Went Viral!

Gourmet Confection Of Wood🪵

Our Wood Chips Available in three unique wood types: apple, cherry, and original mixed wood. Each type of wood provides a unique flavor and aroma for your drinks. Wood chips from Aged & Charred are sized for burning quickly and creating a rich plume of smoke.

🍹One Kit For All The Fun

The SmokeStack kit includes a Smoke Top Lid, wood chips and a cleaning brush. This allows for your own personalized experience with every flavor to create your own unique pairings!


✅ No Steep Learning Curve

Simply put it on top of your glass, fill the top with your favorite wood blend, and using a torch, smoke your wood blend and watch how it revolutionizes your drinking experience.

🍸🎁The Coolest Gift

The smoke old fashioned is a classic cocktail that has been beloved by men (and ladies) for generations. With some type of whiskey (often rye or bourbon), a dash of cocktail bitters, and a sugar cube, this drink is as macho as it gets. It's also an exceptionally balanced way to enjoy your favorite whiskey.  

    💨Smoke 'em If You've Got 'em!

    Create the perfect smoking cloche for cocktails at home and make your friends Wow at your next get-together!

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